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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 19, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning. it is thursday, october 19th. thanks for joining us. you gave me a lot of grief for being cold yesterday in the city. >> it was 60 degrees. >> it's perfect. >> it was colder than that, i think. >> you're acting like it was about to snow. >> i wore my winter coat. >> okay. it's anti-bullying day, so we love you, jessica. >> we need to be nice. >> that's really nice. i'm so sorry you're cold. mike -- >> how can we comfort you. >> maybe a blanket or extra jacket. >> let's make it better, it's going to rain. >> and get cooler and even windy, yeah. but no snow. not in the forecast. it's a gray morning with mist
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hanging in the air and even drizzle making it down to the ground so you may need the windshield wipers as you're commuting this morning. do you know where your driving skills are, because you'll need them later on during the evening hours and you'll need an umbrella then, also. here is where our storm is still in the pacific northwest but it is barreling down towards us and as you look from our roof camera the 12-hour day planner shows a milder morning. at noon look at the spread just five degrees from the coast inland. probably our driest part of the day, sprinkles to even showers in the north bay develop at 4:00. 58 to 66. and by 7:00 the showers will become more numerous 57 to 61. good morning, mike. so far so good on the roads this morning. we've really only had one incident to talk about and it's not a major one. to the castro valley, eastbound 580 to 238 we did have a vehicle hit a deer early this morning. it's not impacting the main lanes. just one lane of the ramp. a lot of damage to that vehicle and sounds like the deer is injured, too, unfortunately.
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a quick check of the richmond side of the bridge, very light volume so far today. as mike mentioned we could have mist and drizzle this morning and that will increase throughout the day. be prepared for that. next traffic update right around 5:10. >> thanks, alexis. about 1,000 residents remain under evacuation in the santa cruz mountains. this is the bear fire. it is burning near boulder creek. it grew to 300 acres yesterday and it is only 15% contained. seven firefighters have been hurt battling those flames since the fire started monday night. cal fire says four structures have been destroyed. the rain is expected to help make more progress in containing the north bay. in mendocino the redwood fire is 80% contained. sulfur fire 94%. >> in napa and sonoma atlas fire is 84% contained. the nuns fire in napa and sonoma counties is 80% contained. >> the pocket fire now 63% contained. the tubbs fire 91% contained. cal fire expects to have sonoma
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and napa county fires contained by tuesday. in santa rosa the community is rallying to help families and teachers who lost not only their homes but their schools. take a look at this. this was hidden valley satellite school, home base for kindergarten through second graders. now it is gone. it's hard to discern what were once desks or a playground. these students will soon go to a neighboring hidden valley elementary. >> 344 kids lost their homes at our school site. 144 kids lost their homes. about 80-some-odd kids will come and join us. we'll welcome them with open arms. >> some schools may not reopen until october 30th. they still have to be scrubbed of soot and smoke damage. this is helping, a donation center where kids can find books and toys and clothes. if you want to help we have a link on our website safari west in santa rosa survived the wildfires but they
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will be closed through the rest of the month. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman got our first look inside the wildlife preserve. >> reporter: have you tried getting past the roadblocks on mark west springs road in santa rosa? with so much damage, destruction and despair getting to africa might be faster and easier. even though an african-type experience is only six miles down the road, safari west, a private wildlife preserve, somehow survived. >> miracle is probably the best word to use. >> reporter: the general manager, 1,000 animals representing 98 different species, none were killed or injured. when the fire roared through here sunday night winds were blowing at 80 miles an hour. safari west was right in the path of it. it turns out that hill back there may have saved the place. >> and it came up over the hill and jumped us and started down
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the valley. >> reporter: safari west did lose some buses and jeeps and equipment and lots of fencing which means plenty of digging right now. but not one animal escaped. >> that would be a scary thing because they're wild animals. >> reporter: spared by a wildfire that took almost everything else, instead this private park hopes to reopen in two weeks. what's that word again? miracle. in east santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> it really is remarkable all those animals survived. thank goodness. we're going to turn now to preparedness for the big one. today more than 9 million people will take part in the world's largest earthquake drill. >> it's called the great california shake out. an earthquake simulator at the google campus. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in mountain view. hi, amy. >> reporter: hi, jessica. 35,000 people work here on the google campus and they are going to be talking about earthquakes
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today, lots of stations set up for them so they can learn about how to get prepared. that's the important part, you have to prepare your home. you have to prepare a plan with your neighbors, and you have to prepare supplies for you and your family. but, of course, the big attraction, what everyone loves and what they love to talk about are the earthquake simulator. you can get inside this, and it will shake and simulate an earthquake for you and you can feel it and learn what to do. so janet is joining me now. it's undergoing a little bit of mechanical issues right now so we're not going to do it right now, but we want to talk about what to do when we're shaking. >> it's really important to know to drop, to cover your back of your head and neck, and then if there's something close by, hold on to it. don't run, drop. that's so important. it saves lives. >> reporter: that's a good tip. i think i would run. it's just natural human instincts. this is fun. you get a lot of giggles when people are in here.
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how do you keep it serious? how do you rein in the giggles? >> things start falling on the ground, people get serious, and it's a little scary when you get that big of a jolt. i find people get serious pretty quickly. >> reporter: okay, all right. it will be interesting to watch the google employees climb in here today. i'm going to try it myself. it's undergoing a little construction right now. in the 6:00 hour they say i can jump in there and they can shake me pretty good so you get a sense of what it's like. be sure to stay with us as we report from the google campus about earthquakes today. a serious topic with a little fun we'll throw in. back to you. >> amy, i look forward to this every year, so let's get a wrench or whatever we need. >> reporter: i'm glad you do. it's great for you. >> see you soon, thank you. today's event is a good reminder the time to prepare is right now. if you need guidance head to you'll find suggestions for stocking an earthquake survival
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kit and an emergency plan for your family. look under the prepare norcal section. developing news out of concord where police are looking for a man who fired shots during a convenience store robbery. police say they were called to the grand service gas station at 6:40 last night. a clerk told them he had given cash to the suspect who fired several shots. the clerk was not hurt. the suspect drove off in a red car with no plates. police hope to get more clues from store surveillance video. a dramatic mudslide in san francisco destroyed several homes. others were severely damaged. that is now lead to go legal action between the city and pg&e. is that slide happened near mt. davidson. investigators believe a gas line project by pg&e ultimately led to the hillside giving way. the city attorney says that san francisco has paid out nearly $8 million in claims. he's suing to recover that money from pg&e. developing news from san
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jose. google's development alley is buying up vacant property that could turn into a massive google village. this map shows you where property is on west julian street near north montgomery in downtown san jose. this property and all the parcells google has bought is across the street from the s.a.p. center parking lot. a real estate agent says google is buying everything it can in that particular neighborhood. let's talk about some good news. look at this. air quality is healthy everywhere. in fact, it's in the lowest category until you get into the santa cruz mountains and the diablo where it's just moderate. not even poor for those with asthma and such. breathe easy this morning. do a little jog, walk the dog, no worries even as you get closer to the fire. a little bit less healthy there but a lot of the smoke is still pushing away from us. that could change today up in the north bay. we'll keep an eye on that. temperatures low to mid-50s
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until you get to guerneville. we're pretty much in the mid to upper 50s until you get to daly city and cupertino. northwest wind across the golden gate bridge 14 miles an hour. a little bit of uneasiness and there's mist and drizzle so it could be slick. breezy and choppy on the bay. drizzle at the coast with dangerous surf coming tomorrow and exercising. in the north bay a good day to be outside. your high surf advisory from 6:00 this evening to 6:00 tomorrow. 24-hour window west to northwest facing beaches. we'll have breakers of 13 to 18 feet up to 25 feet. sneaker waves, long shore breaks. beach erosion all possible. now the rain will be north of 80 throughout the day but it's going to turn to snow in tahoe. you'll get about 3 to 6 inches of snow tonight through tomorrow morning and then a lot of it melts, at least at the lower elevations as we hit 55 saturday. 66 sunday. storm impact scale still a 1 for
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today. i'll tell you all about the showers and rain up next. here's alexis. >> glad to see it scaled back in the forecast, mike. taking a look at our traffic maps, off to a quiet start. some mist and drizzle but so far not many collisions today. westbound highway 4 off ramp to 680 we are hearing that we've got some type of material spilled. i'm not sure if that was a truck that lost part of its load or someone didn't have something secured. chp is on the scene. be on the lookout for perhaps some debris on the roadway. a quick check outside. the san mateo bridge and westbound 92 still looking okay. it seems every day we've had some sort of headache on the bridge. so far looking good. 680 highway 4 to walnut creek. walnut creek to highway 13. slight delays out of the central valley tracy to dublin at 41 minutes. alexis, thank you. millions of ford vehicles being recalled. the issue that could allow your
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car door to pop open while you're driving. and can you imagine hearing yourself being pronounced dead? the scientific study that suggests our minds still work after we die. >> it is 5:12. >> it is 5:12. we want to you have a ♪ ♪
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we're coming up on 5:15 and rain. mist and drizzle this morning as we're priming the atmosphere for
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our first -- i wouldn't say significant but a pretty good rain possibly up to a third of an inch. i'll show you when and where coming up. >> thank, mike. see you soon. a ten-hour manhunt is over. delaware police chased down 37-year-old ray price charged with shooting six people, killing three in two separate shootings yesterday. police say prince, a felon with 42 arrests, first shot five people at a granite company in maryland where he used to work. then he drove to a used car lot in delaware and shot another man. officials revealed prince was fired from the granite company earlier this year for allegedly punching a co-worker in the face. look at the scary surveillance video out of texas. it shows a woman and baby being tossed out of a minivan during a carjacking. it happened in houston. the video starts with the four men getting out of a car, running to the minivan and then taking it over. police say three of them carjacked the woman and her 11-month-old niece at gunpoint. the video shows one of the suspects firing shots across the
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street back toward the car, and police say two men inside that car were hit. one of them was killed. the woman and child, though, were not hurt. police have made one arrest in this. they are still looking for the other three men. >> that is crazy. >> that is scary. >> chances are your car is being recalled. ford is issuing a recall for more than a million sold in the u.s., canada and mexico. the problem is a door latch issue that could allow it to open while you're driving the truck as well as prevent the driver from opening the door when they have to. it includes some of the 2015 through 2017 f-150s and some 2017 super duty pickups. comedian and tv personality chelsea handler is ending her show on netflix to concentrate on political activism. she tweeted she won't return for a third season of her self-titled program. she hopes to, quote, be better informed to raise my voice and participate in a more
5:17 am
meaningful, fun way. handler launched "chelsea" on netflix last year after a seven-year run on e! hosting the nightly "chelsea lately." >> she is still going to be working with netflix doing documentaries, so we haven't seen the last of her there. you might just be waking up this morning but we have some advice for when you hit the hay tonight, closing your door before you go to sleep could save your life. >> today's "gma first look." >> reporter: this is not a normal house fire. we're with ul who sets safety standards and now a controlled fire shows the importance of closing your bedroom door before you go to sleep. >> when you can't get out the most important thing you can do, close that door between you and the fire could save your life. >> reporter: alexis survived the corpus christi house fire that killed her parents and brother when she was just 10. the home smoke alarm battery wasn't working. she believes closing her bedroom door saved her life.
5:18 am
>> the door helped me to still have clean air and to figure out a way to get out. >> reporter: ul relaunching a safety campaign close before you doze. how much after difference can you make? we'll find out coming up on "gma." i go behind-the-scenes at a test facility to find out firsthand at 7:00 a.m. i have never heard that. and this is new to me, too. some eerie science just in time for halloween. this goes back to a major study in 2014 that suggests our minds still work after we die. scientifically speaking research shows our consciousness may still function for a period of time after our physical body is declared dead. scientists in new york study cardiac arrest patients, all were technically dead and then later revived. some people said they were aware of their surroundings. the most were unable to recall specific memories. so keep that with you throughout
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the day. >> no, i don't like that. >> it's going to happen whether we like it or not. hi, mike. i found out recently my wife loves horror stories and maybe that's one of the reasons jason keeps coming back. who knows? let's look at what's going on outside. that's going to haunt my kids. i don't know if i can do it that way. your accuweather highlights. cooler today. wet weather coming. some mist and drizzle this morning. might need the windshield wipers, even the umbrella if you're closer to the coast. you'll definitely want to have the umbrella this evening. breezy and cooler becoming dry tonight. fast-moving storm and summer warmth builds this weekend. here we are at 7:00 in the morning, just some more mist hanging in the air, drizzle reaching the ground, some slick spots on the roads. our best chance of any scattered showers even north of mendocino county. now as we head to the lunch hour, you can see some of those scattered showers developing, mendocino county, lake county down to sonoma county, possibly in the higher elevations of
5:20 am
marin county. now as we head towards 4:00, 5:00 in the evening commute going you can see the scattered showers all the way down to possibly san francisco where it will be pretty drizzly even down to the coast. the rest of us dealing with sprinkles and some drizzle possible. now once the sun starts to set you can see the light to moderate rain. the greens to yellows there make it into the north bay at 8:00. showers for the rest of us from 8:00 to 11:00. it moves into the bay. notice the difference from yesterday. there's some yellows, some moderate rain. the same as it moves through the south bay. it's just about over. a few scattered stray showers by 9:00 and then the clouds start to come out by noon. let's take a look at your rainfall amounts. they're going to be down in the south bay about a tenth of an inch. a tenth to possibly a quarter of an inch around the bay and about a quarter to a third of an inch at least up in the north bay. some higher amounts like up to half an inch in the mountains. tomorrow 50s and 60s. 60s and 70s saturday. 60s, 70s, and 80s sunday.
5:21 am
70s to possibly 90 by tuesday. alexis? we are looking at a fairly quiet start to our thursday morning commute here. i do want to head back up to the north bay where we do have some closures in place due to the fires. 101 is open as far as the main lanes. we do still have ramp closures. on the northbound side you won't be able to exit at mendocino and the hopper off ramp is closed. i did just tweet out a full list of those active closures there on my twitter page so alexis abc 7 if you want to get those specifics. a quick check of the toll plaza. no metering lights yet that should be happening any minute now. and then mass transit, off to a great start. 45 trains in service. no delays. choppy on the water later today. the ferry looking great with regular service and no delays. next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. and we have a breast cancer survivor story that we don't think you're going to believe. here is a hin, it has to do with this little gal.
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plus, the reason the city of plus, the reason the city of san francisco plans
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>> singers: safelite repair, safelite replace. it's 5:24. whether you're just joining us or heading out the door seven things you need to know before you go. and the first one revolves around weather. our first storm of the season. can you remember the last time it rained in your neighborhood? we have mist and drizzle this morning, but we have light to moderate rain coming in this evening. number two, about 1,000 people remain under evacuation in the santa cruz mountains. the bear fire burning near boulder creek grew to 300 acres yesterday and is only 15% contained. number three, cal fire hopes the coming rain will help firefighters battling the north bay fires. crews have made steady progress this week with most of the fires now more than 80% contained. number four, san francisco police officer was rushed to zuckerberg san francisco general after an suv hit him yesterday. the officer remains in intensive care. the suspect was arrested after a
5:25 am
three-hour manhunt. and number five, yeah, you heard mike talk about the weather there. not seeing too much mist or drizzle. southbound 680 through walnut creek looking great. there's a chance you'll have to use your wipers this morning. i know i did. >> if you see someone hiding under the desk this morning it's not because they don't like you. it's the great california shake out. a day to raise awareness of what to do during an earthquake. go to and look under the prepare your house section. number seven, the last day to bid for amazon's second world headquarters. the city of concord is offering the 5,000-acre formal weapons station and is partnering with san francisco, observing, richmond, and fremont for amazon's business. take a look at this. sheriff's county deputies ran into an unusual speck tuesday night. that guy's big. they posted this video of a brown bear in kings beach and
5:26 am
tweeted, must have been looking for taco bell. you know what, i can't blame that bear. the bear took a good look around the neighborhood before trotting away. i get there were no crispy tacos. >> late night taco bell, who can blame him? a reminder to get checked because early detection can make all the difference. and this prickly fellow, he's living proof. >> 14-year-old bambam is a breast cancer survivor. it's actually a girl. she had a double mastectomy after her keepers at the zoo discovered a lump in her chest. those turned out to be cancerous. bambam is back out in her exhibit. >> she looks good with her quills. >> good for her. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including efforts to make delores park safer. the changes you'll see. helping north bay fire victims rebuild their lives.
5:27 am
the community meetings happening before residents are allowed to return home. and it's 5:26. and it's 5:26. we leave
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everything okay over there, mike? what's going on? >> somebody's coffee just went in the trash. >> thanks, mike. you owe me a coffee now. >> anybody upstairs, can you get jessica a new coffee, please? >> at least it landed in the trash can. >> not much in there. man, chug-a-lug. >> loving us this morning. >> we hope you have your coffee in hand, thank you for joining us. >> grip it tightly. >> yes. mike, we have some rain coming down in the sky. >> i can't even blame it being wet because it's dry inside. there is mist and drizzle in the
5:30 am
air all due to this breeze which is straight on from the ocean. the marine layer is gray and damp. delays at sfo. as soon as they let me know, i'll let you know. temperatures milder this morning, 49 to 54 under mostly cloudy conditions. that mist and drizzle through the morning commute. may even see a few breaks in the cloud cover, 57 to 62. mostly cloudy by 4:00 with sprinkles about everywhere, even scattered showers moves into the north bay and showers into the rest of our neighborhoods by 7:00. we'll top out at about 58 to 66. so even cooler than yesterday. 57 to 61. so you may want to grab a coat and an umbrella if heading out this evening. more on sparp the air and how much rain to expect. hi, alexis. good morning. and we do have the bay bridge metering lights on as of 5:24. definitely filling in through the maze. i want to mention we are hearing about a disabled van blocking a
5:31 am
lane. right up the middle. we're working on getting a camera shot of that. impacting drive times. westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze, in the green at 18. san francisco to the airport you're looking good in the green at nine minutes. alexis, thank you. hundreds of people are still out of their homes and firefighters have actually face add ses a se setbacks. >> the bear fire is still burning with containment. matt keller is live for us. >> reporter: cal fire will be holding their briefing here at the bonnie dune base camp at 7:00. the hope is a lot of progress has been made as firefighters try to protect about 300 structures in the fire. firefighters are facing a lot of challenges including that steep
5:32 am
terrain out here. a firefighter had to be taken to the hospital. nearly 900 are battling on the ground and from above, but the aircraft had to be temporarily grounded because of a drone. >> it slows down progress and puts lives at jeopardy. >> reporter: another problem, looting. marlin coy was arrested, suspected of burglarizing a house in the evacuation area. there are a lot of roadblocks up here in the santa cruz mountains. reporting live, matt keller, abc 7 news. in the north bay thousands more evacuees back home this morning 11 days after the flames ignited. progress is being made to fully contain the fires in sonoma county, the nuns fire is 80% contained. tubbs fire, 91% contained, and the atlas fire in napa and solano counties is 84% contained. homeowners have been busy working with their insurance
5:33 am
companies trying to get things in order to rebuild as fast as they can. in santa rosa the fire destroyed more than 2,800 structures. city leaders say they plan to cut the red tape not only to help people rebuild but to create more units in what was already a tight market. >> how do they walk in and get a planning permit that day to rebuild the current footprint of their home to get it up as quickly as possible. i want our permitting department to be that fast. >> and they're not alone. governor jerry brown issued an executive order. >> many rturned home for the first time since the fires began. the work continues for the countless chefs and volunteers with the barbecue foundation. they hoped to feed 400 to 800
5:34 am
people in need. >> i think it's just been running on adrenaline and whatever is after adrenaline for the last few days i think we've been going about nine or ten days straight with little sleep. i don't know how you can sleep with something like this happening in your community. >> so far they have served more than 31,000 meals sin the fires began. >> michael finney and 7 on your side spent part of yesterday at an assistance center in napa helping people affected by wildfires. about 200 people showed up looking for advice and many wanted to know how to get help from fema. you have to 60 days to register online, in person, or over the phone. >> michael finney will be at the old "press democrat" building. go to
5:35 am
happening today two community meetings will be held in sonoma to help people impacted by the fires. working together to rebuild areas damaged or destroyed in the fires. and getting financial assistance. that first meeting will be held at 1:00 p.m. at the sonoma veterans memorial building on 1st street. and the second will be held at 6:00 p.m. at the santa rosa high school south gym on mendocino avenue. and check out our website. info on resources to help those affected by the fires. a san francisco police officer is in the intensive care unit. he was on bike patrol yesterday when an suv hit him. the suspect was arrested after a three-hour manhunt at ellis and levin worth streets. the car involved was found
5:36 am
abandoned near buena vista park. he was rushed to zuckerberg general with life threatening injuries. the four-year veteran was patrolling the tenderloin when he was hit. >> everyone's taking it hard. everyone right now is having a tough time with this and so i ask the public to keep the ask the public to keep the officer in their prayers.
5:37 am
there is safe disposal kiosks. the city has hosted drug take back days. now they would provide an every day opportunity to do the same thing. the warriors and the coliseum authority appear to be heading for a legal battle. pthe warriors believe they have no obligation to pay any remaining debt on their lease agreement once the team moves to san francisco. the coliseum authority claims the warriors owe $40 million for a bond debt. the warriors have requested mediation to resolve all of this. it will go before an arbitrator if it's not resolved. the coliseum authority plans to discuss the issue tomorrow in a closed session. happening today an annual
5:38 am
event the great california shakeout earthquake drill. that video from an earthquake simulator people use to withstand shaking like that if the bay area gets hit with a quake. during today's self-led drill elementary students are encouraged to practice how to drop, cover, and hold on. google is hosting what it's calling the world's largest earthquake drill today. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is going to be in that simulator. hopefully they have it working now so we can see her bounce all over the place. for a good cause. it always reminds me about getting earthquake insurance. a look at a cloudy san rafael as we look southbound under those clouds, about 54 degrees. air quality is good everywhere. it's pod rat. that's healthy and will be poor most likely in the north bay. another spare the air alert today. look at these temperatures up to 1 degrees warmer thanks to this mild and damp air mass this
5:39 am
morning. we'll start in our inland east bay neighborhoods mid to upper 50s. we were in the 40s yesterday. let's take a look at some other neighborhoods, mid to upper 50s along the bay shore and to the south bay. a cool spot, dress for about 52 degrees and drizzle for you. drizzle on the bay bridge this morning as we look from south beach and along the western span. the roads drizzle to showers as you head from the morning into the evening hours. cool to mild if you're taking mass transit today and a small craft advisory starts about 9:00 this evening on the bay. that's when it will get breezy and choppy. temperatures today 59 in half moon bay. you can see low to mid-60s around the bay. 61 to 66. 68 to 71 inland with a few peeks of sunshine here and there. tonight it's going to be cooler and it's going to get drier with temperatures in the mid-40s to around 50 degrees. all right. we have a storm coming up. we're already seeing the first signs of it this morning with the dampness. from mist and drizzle to
5:40 am
showers. an hour-by-hour look and what to expect as far as rainfall amounts for your neighborhood up next. here's alexis. we did flip our emeryville camera to look at the incline on the bay bridge. you can see heavier traffic. i haven't actually spotted the disabled van reported in the middle lane. chp ran a traffic break trying to assist that vehicle. things are looking like they're moving better. we're up to about 23 minutes from the toll plaza into the city, owe obviously some delays due to that. a two-car crash, route 4 off ramp to westbound 80 in the hercules area. it does sound like emergency crews are on the way to the scene not blocking any main lands. westbound 580 tracy to dublin not terrible out of the central valley. in the yellow at 50 minutes. okay at 17 and northbound 85 at
5:41 am
kuper tcupertino looks great. controversial comments. up next the latest fallout in the growing scrutiny over how president trump allegedly spoke to a gold star mother. and this is such a strange story about fried chicken that is leaving a bad taste in some customers' mouths. >> and as you get your day into gear make it a better day. we have weather and traffic up for you throughout the commercial break with abc 7 news now. the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level one. that means light rain. so keep an umbrella handy and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on track today's storm anytime on the abc 7 news app.
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and here's a look at the golden gate bridge. you'll run into some mist. for some healthy rains especially for october coming in later on today, winds are blowing out of the for the west at about 14. watch out for that this morning. it is 5:44. developing news now, president trump really started something when he compared how he handled comforting the families of the fallen to his predecessors. >> now the commander in chief's own call to a grieving pregnant widow and mother of two is under growing scrutiny. the trump administration is defending its handling of the call after the president allegedly told the sergeant's widow that, quote, he knew what he was signing up for but it still hurts. congresswoman frederica wilson says to make matters worse the president didn't even remember the fallen soldier's name.
5:45 am
>> and i had a very nice conversation with the woman, with the wife who sounded like a lovely woman. did not say what the congresswoman said. >> the white house confirms to abc news that president trump sent a $25,000 check to the father of a 22-year-old u.s. army corporal who was killed in afghanistan in june. the gift comes several months after the president pledged to send a check during a personal phone call with that family. former president barack obama is expected to hit the campaign trail for the first time since he left the white house, scheduled to attend the rally for virginia's gubernatorial candidate. he's remained out of politics, however, he hasn't shied away from criticizing president trump and republicans when it comes to rollbacks of his signature policies. earlier this month president trump tweeted his support for northam's republican opponent ed gillespie. if you look around today
5:46 am
hopefully you'll see a lot of people wearing purple. we certainly all are on our show and you can see purple filters on social media, all of it is for a very good reason. >> it is spirit day, stand in solidarity against bullying and in support of lgbtq youth. and so a bunch of us are posting pictures wearing our spirit day t-shirts and as you can see there's a blank space. we always fill it in with a word every year. i chose weird because when i was in high school one of my friends called me weird and it hurt my feelings for some reason though i was called so many names growing up. i realize now that i don't think she was being derogatory. i think she was trying to welcome me into the tribe. >> i think everyone is a little weird in their own way, right, and if we can embrace that then everyone will be kinder and nicer. >> weird works for me, mike. >> why can't we be weird or unique? who wants to be a robot? >> exactly. >> that would be pretty cool, too. >> if i could do the robot --
5:47 am
>> try it. come on, mike. >> hit it. got to move on. 280 and 17 this morning -- i'm not getting in trouble for this. cloudy in the south bay, about 54 degrees. scattered to steady rain from this morning into the evening hours. tonight rain then clearing and breezy and cooler. an autumn chill tomorrow to summer warmth this weekend. a lot to talk about in the next seven days. right now still centered, the rain is, on live doppler 7 in the pacific northwest. right now that front is slowly making its way towards us. you can see all the cold air as the jet stream is diving down and driving this storm and moisture towards us, about 350 miles still left on its journey. 7:00 this morning there may be a stray shower up in mendocino county. mist and drizzle through the morning commute. we're start to go see scattered showers develop especially north of santa rosa near clover dale and ukiah.
5:48 am
more of the north bay will be getting scattered showers and you can see it's all the way down to about the golden gate bridge. now as we go from 4:00 to 7:00, sprinkles for the rest of us turn over to scattered showers. the skedier light to moderate moving into the north bay. so have an umbrella handy and remember how to drive. steady rain is moving into the heart of the bay by 10:00, 11:00 and it is moderate at times and look how quickly it exits by 4:00 in the morning. there will still be showers around, some light showers around through about 9:00 and from 9:00 to noon we'll start to see the drier air move in and you'll need the sunglasses tomorrow afternoon. rainfall amounts less than a tenth of an inch in the south bay. a tenth to 0.2. a third to half an inch up in the for the bay. that's pretty good for october. here's a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, 50s and 60s. wear something warm tomorrow. spring to autumn saturday, and then the warmth gets us tuesday. 70s at the coast.
5:49 am
80s to 90s around the bay and inland. hey, alexis. we have seen your dance moves before, what was that, about a month ago? yeah, okay. he's pretending his microphone is turned off. it's on the internet if you look for it. let's take a look at the upper deck of the bay bridge, things are improving a. disabled vehicle just before you get into the tunnel. they have cleared that, so things are bouncing back from the maze. i want to show what you that looks like. we have that line of red as you approach about the center of the bridge and you're down to 11 miles an hour. at this point in the morning the metering lights are on. it happened about 5:24. longer than average if you are coming from the east bay right now. also some good news around the hercules area, state route 4 off ramp to westbound 80. a two-car crash. both vehicles needed tow trucks. so all lanes are now open. we'll take a look at drive times just before 6:00. alexis, thank you. a very bizarre controversy happening in southern california
5:50 am
over fried chicken. a restaurant owner in long beach has been serving up breakfast and lunch for the last four years. a new dish on the menu is called pop's chicken and waffles and it sells for about $15, but one customer wasn't happy when they found out the chicken actually came from the fast food chain popeye's and it was a lot less. >> we didn't do anything wrong. i did something i thought was the best product i could bring in anywhere -- anywhere. >> she says she never thought this would be an issue for her. she reached out to popeye's for approval to officially add them to her menu. no surprise, though, she hasn't heard back from them yet. >> the whole thing is super weird. >> i don't think it will go well for her. >> the crying is weird, all of it is weird. >> popeye's is pretty good. >> the plea from wine country businesses as the region begins
5:51 am
to recover from the fires. >> and are you considering buying a new house? one of the hottest markets in the country is right here in the bay area and we have a list. plus, the bizarre twist of fate that sparked this massive inferno. a better day starts here on abc 7 mornings. we hope you're having a fun start to your day, too. here is live weather and traffic
5:52 am
5:53 am
all right. welcome back at 5:53. a look at our future radar and you can see light green to moderate yellow and orange, rain bearing down on the bay area. more on that and the big chill that follows it coming up. look at this video from portland, oregon, and it's just
5:54 am
downtown. do you see that? if you've never been there there's a big food cart pod. a security camera caught a huge explosion there yesterday. authorities say it was caused by a bizarre twist of bad luck. so one car operator was pouring diesel fuel into a generator when a gust of wind blew some of the fuel onto a heat source in a neighboring food cart. the explosion destroyed ten nearby cars. there's a big parking lot in the middle. several people were treated at the scene and, fortunately, none had to be hospitalized. what a scary situation. the list of the hottest zip codes in america and we're not talking temperatures, we're talking housing. it's out and a california city is number six. zip codes are another way of determining the most popular housing markets. identified relative affordability, strong job markets, and higher salaries as factors heating up the hottest markets. and here they are. number one for the second year in a row is watauga, texas,
5:55 am
livonia, michigan, number two, grand rapids is in the third spot, number four, medford, massachusetts, and littleton, colorado, the top five. our own castro valley, though, is number six. >> but then you have to say you live in watauga, texas. >> and it's hard to say. >> it's much better, alexis. klay thompson now has a doppleganger. fake klay showed up and he was fooling a lot of people even steve kerr did a double take. >> i thought it was a perfect metaphor for our conditioning level. i turned around and i was like, klay, you have a few extra burgers last night? what happened? >> the shame of it all. we're not sure if fake klay will be a regular feature or a one-night cameo. he does a lot of pranks.
5:56 am
that's his thing. he's pretty funny. >> it's uncanny, though. look at that. >> he's thick klay. not a problem. >> thick klay. he's even a little bit tall. i like that. get him and dancing mom together, you have yourself a nice promo. a look at the raiders forecast, yeah, you'll get wet from time to time at the coliseum this evening with the steadiest light to moderate rain right as the game ends, 63 to 60. so make sure -- i don't want to call it a costume but make sure your getup is waterproof. through at least tomorrow morning at the bay, saturdy morning winds will be fastest around midnight tonight, 15 to 30-mile-per-hour gusts, quieter tomorrow morning. and then about 10 to 20 miles per hour tomorrow evening. alexis? looking good in the south bay. a live look at 101 and 880. slowly seeing those volumes increase. highway 4 to the maze, 24, about 17 across the bay bridge. san francisco to the airport
5:57 am
looks great. no delays at nine minutes. new at 6:00, communities coming together. the jobs fair being held in the north bay today for people who lost their jobs in the fires. the great california shakeout happens today. tips that could save you and the tips that could save you and the ones you love.
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00, rain is on the way. some people waking up to damp conditions and even sprinkles outside. and you are looking live at sfo right now. if you are heading to the airport or anywhere else you may want to take some rain gear as you head out the door. get the umbrellas out. it's that time of the year. >> the what? >> umbrellas. >> oh, yeah, that thing that's been in my trunk the last six months? >> yeah, and the rain boots. >> i don't wear those. could in the north bay, absolutely. >> well, they need it badly. >> absolutely. this is going to help the fires, i think. the problem is right behind it
6:00 am
will be more breezes, and that's going to be a challenge. let's talk about getting you out the door. it's a damp morning with mist in the air, even some drizzle making it down to the ground. there are a few slick spots out there. you can see from the exploratorium the sea breeze is back. look at the temperatures this morning. milder because of the cloud cover and extra humidity. 49 to 54. temperature at noon not much of a spread but about our driest time of the day 57 to 62. sprinkles to even showers in the north bay by 4:00. 58 to 66. then scattered showers to a steady rain up in the north bay by 7:00. so have the umbrella handy. most of the rain will miss our evening commute. i'll give you an idea when it comes in and what to expect. here's alexis. we do have a new collision reported around the toll plaza for the bay bridge. have not spot it had on this camera yet, though. it is sounding pretty minor right now and heading


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